"Your Alternative Septic Specialist"


We are a family owned company that specializes in quality Alternative Septic & Pumping systems. We have installed equipment for more than 700 Alternative Septic Systems & have been servicing & repairing them for over 25 Years. We also carry parts for your Alternative Septic System & our pricing is competitive. If we don't have it we know how to get it. For more information visit our about page...


  • Alternative Septic/Septic/Sewage Lift Station Equipment Installation*
  • Septic Service/Maintenance
  • Alternative Septic Service/Maintenance
  • Repairs on Septic or Alternative Septic systems and Sewage Lift Stations
  • Equipment Appearance & Serviceability Upgrades
  • "Transfer Of Ownership Inspection" for Septic or Alternative Septic
  • Technical Assistance
  • Parts & Chemical Sales
  • More services...


Our Goal

Our company is built on Honor, Integrity, & Truth. We understand that our actions affect many others, especially property owners. This is why we put our best foot forward. We make it our goal to perform installations, provide technical assistance, & complete repairs

& service at the highest quality possible. You want your system to work right, we want your system to work right. For more information visit our about page...


If you are installing an Alternative Septic System, let us be part of your team. We often work for owners, builders, and excavation contractors that need our services for installing the components of their  septic projects. If you are in Yavapai County, we are available to help from beginning to end of your installation.