Honor, Integrity & Truth

Who We Are

Bishop Construction, LLC is a:

  • Arizona based, family-owned business with over 25 years experience in the Alternative Septic/ Onsite Wastewater industry (including regular Septic).
  • Leading specialists in our field. We have installed equipment for more than 700 residential and commercial Alternative Septics.
  • Take care of all makes and models of Alternative Septics and Pumping Systems.

Our Goal

It Is Our Ambition to perform installations, provide technical assistance, and complete repairs and service at the highest quality possible. There are many people involved and connected in this industry and in your Alternative Septic System from beginning to end. No one entity or person is alone, we effect others and they do the same. Therefore we try our best to understand, see, and plan for the complete picture. Most often, the owner/end user is the focus. This ideology gives long lasting results, satisfaction, and can save a lot of money down the road.


Honor, Integrity, and Truth come into play and are needed for trust in this industry. If you have been in a situation that dampens your trust, you are not alone. About half of the people we meet have a hard time trusting, and this is normal. But we don't want to leave people in our community and state with a bad taste forever, we want to play a part in healing relationships by creating trust. Telling the truth, even when it doesn't benefit us, following through with what is owed to the customer, often giving them more, and being consistent about the quality of our work, always striving to better with our techniques and available parts, helps rebuild. That is what we would want others to do to us, we desire to do the same to you.

Our Sales Company

Aim Environmental Industries, Is An Arizona Distributor For:

  • Bio-Microbics
  • SeptiTech Wastewater Treatment Systems (A Subsidiary Of Bio-Microbics).
  • Sta-Rite Pumps
  • Meyers Pumps
  • SJE Rhombus Controls
  • Geoflow Sub Surface Drip

Trained Maintenance Provider

Bishop Construction, LLC. Is A Factory Trained Maintenance Provider For:

  • Bio-Microbics
  • SeptTech (A Subsidiary Of Bio-Microbics)
  • Premier Tech, Aqua
  • Orenco Systems, Inc. 
  • NORWECO, Inc.
  • Clearstream Waste Water Systems, Inc.

We maintain and have much experience in most other makes & models of alternative septic systems & pumping systems/ lift stations, both residential & commercial.


Membership and Accreditation

As a part of our goal to provide the highest quality service we keep our membership at AzOWRA (Arizona Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association) and NOWRA (National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association), and stay informed about all of the latest environmental issues. We want to ensure that we are operating according to the highest standards to keep our home and communities safe. We are also Better Businesses Bureau Accredited with an A+ Rating, and have been listed on the Ethical Arizona business review site.


For A Full List Of Credentials & References click here.


*Installing a new Alternative septic system?

If you are installing an Alternative Septic System, let us be part of your team. We often work for owners, builders, and excavation contractors that need our services for installing the components of their  septic projects. If you are in Yavapai County, we can help from beginning to end of your installation.


Let us come along side you in this often complicated process and offer our experience, expertise, and quality of work.