National Environmental Services Center

The NESC is a division of West Virginia University. They help rural communities resolve issues related to drinking water, wastewater, infrastructure, and utilities. As a part of their mission they offer environmental training. On their site you can find informative articles, their newsletter, and access to technical help regarding wastewater systems

Us Environmental Protection Agency

Being in compliance with EPA regulations is important. On their site you can find information and issues related to wastewater that affect home building. You can also find information regarding sustainable practices for home building. 

National Association Of Home Builders

The NAHB's mission is to make housing one of our nation's highest priorities. As a part of this mission they address wastewater, and other environmental issues that are important to the safety and well being of every citizen. On their site you can find studies regarding wastewater systems, infrastructure, innovative homebuilding, and more. 

Build It Green

Often times the use of alternative wastewater systems is more than just a necessity, it's a matter of environmental responsibility. Build It Green's initiative is to promote and support sustainable, natural, and responsible building practices, which we also support. They offer training, News, and a professional directory of green builders. 

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